Monday, July 14, 2008

Buttons Buttons! What to do with all the buttons.

I recently attended the Great American Scrapbook convention, and I was somewhat disappointed with what I found. I only go to shop. Last year I was very excited to find the perfect papers for my Great Wolf Lodge album(which I haven't even started yet) from D.J. Inkers. I was hoping to see them again as I now love their stamps...I wouldn't even look at them last year. But they did not have a booth this year. So this year my biggest purchase was a bunch of buttons...I have never used buttons in layouts. They seem a bit bulky, yet here I am with all these buttons, and they are so cute. Click on the picture to get a closer look. Any thoughts or ideas? Please comment here.

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Luv_My_Brats said...

Cool Buttons, yes they can be bulky but if you are into word books ect... bulk dosen't matter. I like buttons on the fronts of word books