Sunday, September 7, 2008

A question for those who have used the Disney Photopass

I just recently returned from a trip to Disney World, and took advantage of the prepurchase Photopass. I was surprised, however, that I didn't see more photopass photographers in the parks. I ended up with 54 photos taken and 78 after I edited and added borders. Of course, many of the original 54 were different shots from the same location. I have heard of many people having 120 or more photos on their photopass before editing, and I am a little disappointed. Still happy to have pics with the entire family, though.

So, please tell me, if you have used the photopass how many pre-edit photos did you end up with and did you see a lot of photographers in the parks...if so where? We don't need to mention the entrances to the parks as that is a given. Thanks in advance for your input. I am very interested to see the responses.


michelle said...

Thankyou for the birthday wishes and for playing along

Bethany said...

We had a lot of pictures taken with the characters and a couple at Blizzard Beach. I cannot remember the exact number, but it was over 100 pics.