Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cutting Xyron Coated Paper

Ted from the Cricut MB posed the question: Can paper be run through the 900 Xyron and then cut with the cricut to create instant stickers? So I thought I would test it out. I am working on my Disney album so I decided to cut several mickey heads. First I ran the paper through the Xyron 900.

Then I used my trimmer to cut off the excess xyron paper. Next, I peeled off the top plastic Xyron layer. Here is the end result. It worked great! I did discover that you need to use a new mat, or one that is very sticky. There may be some way to scratch up the backing of the Xyron coated piece to help it adhere better with an older mat. The brand new mat held it beautifully, though.

The final result.


Jodi said...

I saw the same thing on the cricut messageboard today....Thank-You for trying it I can't wait to try it....I'm also a child of God....My name is Jodi and I live in La Verne ca....Thanks again Jodi

Sir Craftalot said...

Gina, thanks so much for doing this! :)

I feel like a semi-celebrity for being mentioned on your blog and in the video! :)

I wonder if one can use painter's tape or such to keep the paper down? (In case a new mat isn't available?)

Again, thank you for making a blog entry! :)

Mary said...

It didn't leave sticky residue on the cricut blade? That is my biggest concern!!

Gina said...

Thanks for your question Mary. I did go and take a look at my blade and it was clean. No sticky residue. Yea!