Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Cuts with Xyron Coated Paper

Last week, I tried something new. I ran my paper through the Xyron before cutting it on the Cricut. See the post with instructions below. Well, now I'm spoiled. It is sooooooooooooo much easier to run the paper through the Xyron first. I was concerned about the waste of the sticky stuff (technical term) on the Xyron, but then there is always some that is not used up anyway. And I also came up with a solution. After I cut out my Cricut cuts on paper already run through the Xyron, I used a punch in the extra space...and it worked. See first picture below. I also turned the mat around in the machine and guided the blade to the empty space to cut one more letter. See the second picture below. The multi-purpose tool is pointing to the ner that I filled in in that space. Oh my, am I just becoming lazy? No more putting each individual letter through the Xyron and going around the edges with a pointed much work.
BTW, I own the Xyron X, 250, 505 and 900. This helps cut down on the waste. I use the appropriate size Xyron. Last night I was cutting two different letter sizes...1 1/2 inch and 2". So I ran both strips of paper through the 505...a perfect fit.

Update 8-18-08: Someone asked if this made my blade sticky with the residue from the Xyron. I checked it today and there was no residue on the blade. Thanks for the question.

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