Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is a cricut?

I think I finally got it. A video showing the cricut. I had to use my digital camera, not my new camcorder, and the quality is not as good as I had hoped. I found out that my new camcorder, which is High Def, is not compatible for posting on Youtube. So until it is, I will use my camera. That means, however, that the videos must be short. Sorry I am talking fast, but as always, I have a lot to say. So here it is, a very quick demonstration of a Cricut Personal Cutting System machine. Enjoy! Don't forget to pause the playlist at the bottom of this page first.

My Disney cut with the red background and placed on the title page.


hollygtn said...

Nice job on your first video!!!

Hollygtn blog.scrapallier.com

Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for the vid of the cricut! i was trying to understand how it worked and you showed it so simply. many thanks

Anonymous said...

Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?

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Anonymous said...

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